Stephanie Wright - Biography

Stephanie is a legal psychologist and associate professor of psychology at Georgia Highlands College. She received her Bachelor’s of Science in psychology from High Point University and her Master’s and Doctoral degrees from North Carolina State University under the direction of Dr. James Luginbuhl, where she studied the application of attribution theory to death penalty mitigation. Since earning her degree, Stephanie’s scholarship has spanned at-risk children and adolescents, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, and underrepresented groups navigating the legal system.

She has also led institutional effectiveness and research efforts, assisted in professional development of institutional research staff and also of faculty in data-driven pedagogy and decision making. She enjoys consulting with institutions of varying compositions and missions on a range of IE needs.

Stephanie has three daughters and three cats. Her oldest daughter is a graduate of the University of SC (B.A., elementary education) and NCSU (M.Ed.) and currently teaches fourth grade. Her younger two daughters are an artist/budding film-maker and a stage performer respectively. When she’s not teaching or talking about reaffirmation, Stephanie likes to write, read, and contemplate the nature of the stars.