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A word after a word after a word is power. ~Margaret Atwood

Beatitudes, I

I sat there thinking of the beauty
of prayer beads hung in their
infinite circles, counted in their
infinite languages:
a promise for every god and an
avowal for every
circumstance. No different than daisy
petals plucked or seed heads
blown from fragile dandelions who
care little enough for
human concerns. He loves me; he loves
me not. And all remains
a complete mystery until your
hands touched my face, raising
a choir of angels; I remember
my prayers now, gratias
dea, for this is an essential
undertaking (over-
taking?), and I can't forget your breath
stealing my breath, nor yet
your heart trip-hammering against my
skin and its cage of bones.

©2016 Stephanie Wright

I write stories and poems in a castle on a cloud.

If you try very hard, you may occasionally find me at Johnny's or El Zarape on Broad Street in Rome, GA.

I accept chaos. I'm not sure whether it accepts me. ~Bob Dylan

How interesting do people really think you are? ~Jakob Dylan

The Histories Universe: The Church groomed a Champion to destroy the witch of all witches. There's only one thing they forgot in their careful planning: love.

Triplex Coniunctio (2001)

Angels Wept (coming early 2017)

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The Applewhite Affair (novella, Zimbell House)

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I am so pleased to serve as a one-half of the dynamic duo guiding participants in a series of weekend retreats during Spring 2017 - Winter 2018. We will focus on mindfulness, creativity, yoga, and writing (for creation and healing). To learn more, please visit the Mindfulness + the Muse website.


melancholy snowfall

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