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A word after a word after a word is power. ~Margaret Atwood

What Lies Under Tongues

Among the many superficial
urgencies, what lies soft
under tongues? To remain unspoken
and eventually
forgotten must be the cause of some
gnashing of teeth. This makes
me question how often I let stay
matters of great import:
thank yous left to fall between the cracks
where deed and gratitude
meet; omitted details from one past
to another; I liked
the scent of oranges once, and this
seems of no distinction
beyond childhood until a woman
sits nearby on the train
wearing neroli; I used to like
the scent of oranges,
and the weight of the matter dwells in
my silent displeasure.
These minor concerns carry no great
penalty for their
absence. Make the heart grow fonder now
with the words we don't choose
as much as those we do. Like how small
the significance of
angels when they refuse to bear arms
against one's demons or
how difficult it has always been
to be who we must and
not who we ought or even yet how
my favorite color
has shifted since childhood's hour from
lavender to lilac.

©2016 Stephanie Wright

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I accept chaos. I'm not sure whether it accepts me. ~Bob Dylan

How interesting do people really think you are? ~Jakob Dylan

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