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A word after a word after a word is power. ~Margaret Atwood

The walls of this house hold too many
timekeepers, two times six
and each doing its double duty
marking the earth's orbit.
Why not? Don't we all have that power,
one face given minute
by minute; the other secreted
away, measured by its
secret hands? Counting evolutions,
these twenty-four palms bless
and curse their shadow selves, a forty-
eight pillared citadel
of seconds past and present, racing
ever after futures
they cannot catch but must bear witness
for the ages. A brittle
burden the hidden gears carry in
their infinite round
dreams, dreaming always of some straighter
path, moving diamond works
and pristine promises along. In
this, time will not hurry
or yet linger, lo though we'd sell
our souls to make it so.

©2016 Stephanie Wright

I write stories and poems. In a castle. On a cloud.

If you try very hard, you may occasionally find me at Johnny's or El Zarape on Broad Street in Rome, GA.

I accept chaos. I'm not sure whether it accepts me. ~Bob Dylan

How interesting do people really think you are? ~Jakob Dylan

The Histories Universe: The Church groomed a Champion to destroy the witch of all witches. There's only one thing they forgot in their careful planning: love.

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