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A word after a word after a word is power. ~Margaret Atwood

The syntax of les affaires du cœur cures
all but the heartiest of polyglots
of their grammar enamoration. When
present tensions make for imperfect hopes
we can vacillate between the now and
the making of past, participles left
dangling in the void of goodbyes. We said
so many words the promises got lost
in the punishments - self-inflicted or
otherwise. Perhaps we should conduct love
by committee, like appropriations
in the Senate or OED rescripts.


I write stories and poems. In a castle. On a cloud.

If you try very hard, you may occasionally find me at Johnny's or El Zarape on Broad Street in Rome, GA.

I accept chaos. I'm not sure whether it accepts me. ~Bob Dylan

How interesting do people really think you are? ~Jakob Dylan

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melancholy snowfall

beneath grey depression clouds

martyr's rusty sword