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A word after a word after a word is power. ~Margaret Atwood

In Memory of Slater Newman

We're instructed from such tender
ages: those dwelling in
glass houses shouldn't throw stones else
they find hypocrisy
an ill-fitting gown. Some lessons learnt
in childhood's hour lose the
light of ready memory. Like love.
How quickly those who find
themselves devoted to another
forget their own midnight
longings, fairies' tales whose endings
seemed writ, at best, happily
for now and, at worst, shards of fragmented
words shattered like slippers
cast off in haste. How rapidly we
move to dismiss others,
the courage required to time
and again continue
pursuit of life's single shining concern
worth capturing:
the heart of another, affection
that does not tarnish nor
fade but, like glass on the ocean's bed,
becomes only finer
with age and wear. How callous we are
to sit in judgment, safe
in the cocoons of our own romances
and marriages; we
look down on those without, rendering
verdicts: reject, loser,
unworthy. As if being alone
is preferable to
fighting the good fight, we mock efforts
at finding latter day
happily ever afters in the
men's and women's sections
rather than where the tailgaters buy
their beer or homecoming
queens practice the perfect wave. Ever
is youth wasted on the young;
that air of biting eminence has
a way of reminding
us that everyone loves a winner,
when time was everyone
rooted for the underdog. How much
kinder this world would be
if we viewed all humans as worthy and
all hearts as halves of wholes.

©2016 Stephanie Wright

I write stories and poems in a castle on a cloud.

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I accept chaos. I'm not sure whether it accepts me. ~Bob Dylan

How interesting do people really think you are? ~Jakob Dylan

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